In a multi-screen universe, the ability to redirect you to a single screen is never enough. Nowadays, apps come in multiple platform and users should be able to get to the correct application in the correct platform.

Link your apps easier

Zappr is a linker of multiplatform apps. One link can be used to redirect you to the apps in iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Web.

Try opening this link with different devices that you have. You'll see how it will link it seamlessly

Now, you don't have to do this yourself. Take your time to develop other things and let Zappr handle your multiplatform redirection.

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How much does it cost me?

Currently Zappr is in private beta. It's still FREE, but if you wish to donate then by all means please do :)

What do I get?

Zappr will provide you with unlimited redirection and analytics of the redirect event to inform you of your potential user's engagement. The analytics will help you understand who your potential customers are.

How do I get in?

Since Zappr is in private beta, I'd like to know more about people who are interested.

Write to me to get more info and to get your self early access.